Bend glass

Flat glass is heated until red hot, carefully formed to the desired shape, then tempered by super cooling to trap high energy within the glass. The resulting bent tempered glass has up to a fourfold strength increase compared to annealed glass of the same thickness and if broken, breaks into an innumerable number of relatively small fragments of more or less cubicle shape.
This product begins as flat glass commonly selected from the broad
range of commercial float products including clear, ultra clarity low-iron, grays, bronzes, greens, and blues. The surface may have a reflective, low-e, self-cleaning, or other pyrolitic coating. Specific colors and coatings are often known simply by the brand names assigned by primary glass manufacturers8. We also process patterned, stained, cast, glue-chip, ground, and acid-etched glass. These flat pieces are CNC processed and then undergo the complex processes to create bent tempered glass.
We offer bent tempered glass in 1/4″ to 3/4″ thickness5. Options include shape cuts, sandblasting, silkscreen ceramic frit, holes, notches, cutouts, and edge finishes such as seamed (sanded), arris flat polished, flat ground, pencil polished, bevel polished, or angle mitred. Its indoors surface can be conditioned with a solid ceramic frit or fallout-resistant silicone to create a spandrel panel.