Different Ways of using Glass Blocks in Home Designing


Glass blocks are amongst the more imaginative building materials that have been in vogue since 2013. Being made of recycled glass, they are a really fancy way of reusing old glass. They are eco-friendly products that are increasingly being included into construction of luxury modern homes, offices and hotels.

These decorative blocks come in all shapes, sizes and dimensions – and numerous colors too. They can be used in literally any part of the house, both for functional purposes as well as decorative uses. You can use them to create various levels of privacy, day lighting, decorative lighting and for increasing thermal efficiency. They can be used in showers, as windows or in walls.

Most would have seen glass blocks used in luxury hotels or office buildings where they add depth, style and drama to an otherwise obscure space. They literally pop out of the scene in a 3D effect, demanding to be seen and appreciated. They can be used in an uncountable variety of ways, some of which include the following:

Partition walls – This is among the commonest use of glass blocks and doesn’t require any additional finishing. They can be used to divide the sitting and dining areas with a semi-transparent privacy barrier. In open-design homes, glass block partitions are excellent in demarcating out the kitchen space or any other area. In the bathroom, they can be used to partition off the shower area from the rest of the floor space for a semi-private cubicle.

Light-emitting walls – Your wall can be functional, yet giving you daylight when glass blocks are added into the wall along with bricks. You can even make attractive patterns with them!

Windows – They can be used to replace windows as well as serve as a light source when more security is required – such as in basements or factories.

Skylights – They can also be used as great skylights and using colored glass blocks would add another dimension entirely!

Colored glass blocks – You can add color to any part of your home using colored glass blocks and they work best if there is a light source behind them. With so many shades available, you can use it for interior designing and mix-n-match to your heart’s desire! They would look great on the home bar too. You could even paint a pretty picture on them and have them illuminated.

Backsplash – Build yourself a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom backsplash or even use the glass blocks to enclose your bathtub for a whimsical new touch.