New Trends in Mirrors for Interiors

?Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who?s the fairest of them all?.?

There is a very high chance that you still remember these lines from your childhood. However, those days are gone, and so has the use of the ubiquitous mirror. It is no longer used just for admiring our reflection in, but has become more of an adornment, a style statement.

For those of you who still aren?t in the know, mirrors are no longer features that are found in the bathroom or the dressing table. Times are changing and so has the purpose of mirrors. Mirrors are back to being the center of attention for interior decorators, with minimalistic to extravagant designs becoming the norm of the day to create a huge impact. They are now used to adorn ceilings or walls with various kinds of frames ranging from the classic antique frames to more trendy ones that use geometric or sun or flower-inspired designs. Materials used for creating the frames can range from etched glass to polished wood and various kinds of metals ranging from lacquered iron, brass, steel or even silver!

Mirrors can be used to create a sense of spaciousness, increase lighting (by reflection when placed opposite a light source) or act as adornment. All this is aside from its original function of creating a reflection for you to use when dressing. They have become style statements by virtue of the impressive and decorative framing around them. They make great centerpieces for the sitting room walls and are fast replacing the traditional portraits. When used in the entrance foyer, they play a very practical role ? you can do a last-minute check on your appearance just before leaving your home or an arriving guest can use them to gain confidence before settling down with the host.

Mirrors in the dining room however are a taboo, as they make the diners self-conscious of their image and can affect their appetite. Full-length mirrors on wardrobe flaps in the bedroom are however a great idea as they help you have a clear view of your full body without having to contort yourself into some Tai chi? posture! Large decoratively-framed mirrors in the sitting room are the current rage in interiors with framings getting more and more elaborate and imaginative.

Big round mirrors or unusually shaped mirrors are the stand-out features found on walls these days; bold colors and lots of surrounding greenery create interesting reflections and draw the eyes for a second look. Large mirrors either vertical or horizontal create a sense of space in somewhat small bathrooms, aside from garnering admiring looks from your guests.

Our ancestors, who had to struggle so much to see a reflection of their image, would be shocked that what they coveted so much is now being used as decoration in home interiors! The earliest mirrors are believed to have been dark pools or primitive vessels of still water followed by polished obsidian stones as found in Turkey dating back about 6000 BC. Polished metals were next in line as mirrors from about 4000 BC onwards. Currently, mirrors are made with glass coated primarily with silver to create a clear reflection.

However, it?s the framing and shaping of the mirror that is of greater significance these days and reflects its style value.