Clear Glass

As the name suggests, clear float glass is transparent, offering high visible light transmittance (VLT). Clear float can be processed into heat strengthened, toughened, laminated, curved glass and Insulating Glass Units. Float glass is also called soda lime glass or clear glass. This is produced by annealing the molten glass and is clear and flat. Its modulus of rupture is 5000-6000 psi. It is available in standard thickness ranging from 2mm to 20mm. and has weight range in 6-26kg/m2. It has too much transparency and can cause glare. It is used in making canopies, shop fronts, glass blocks, railing partitions, etc. FGI Clear Float Glass is a visually colorless and distortion free glass providing high light transmission (daylight) and clarity. Clear Float glass is the core base product for most of performance glass products and is commonly used in windows and doors