Tower Bolt

Varna group’s tower bolt collection keeps anyone who searching for them extremely satisfied. Our complete range of tower bolt and hardware products are with high quality. Varna provide tower bolt range in Brass, Gold, Steel, Satin, Antique finish. The product which comes under the brands Mantis, Madhuram, Ancora, VX, AKS, MRS, RYVON and Ebco gen always keep its customer satisfaction. Some important tower bolt classifications are

  • Tower bolt commonly found in brass and stainless steel. The brass tower bolt comes in finishes like SS, mat and antique with a size between 4 and 14 inches, while stainless steel has same finishes and size between 4 and 8 inches
  • Designed tower bolt are brass product available with mat finish, stainless steel finish and antique finish and varying sizes between 4 and 8 inches.